Z.A. du Port Angot
Rue Irène et Frédéric Joliot Curie
76410 Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf
Tél. 02 35 78 40 91
Fax 02 35 78 30 54

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Maprochim Normandy

Maprochim Normandie - dangerous goods storageMaprochim Normandie - Rouen France

Maprochim Normandie, the logistic solution dedicated as well as dangerous goods' storage.

Manufacturers, traders, dangerous materials users, you know the regulations that govern dangerous products logistics: standards constantly evolving and more and more binding procedures that require skills, infrastructures and adapted equipment.

Logistician by trade (forming part of Translocauto group), we offer you a customized accompaniment:

  • Upstream reflection of the solution to put in place,
  • Management of  customs clearance procedures,
  • Taking charge of your logistics from A to Z: from the supply chain way out or from the port of loading, including the storage, orders picking, to the final customer delivery.

The Maprochim Normandie team manages customers’ problematic linked to sensitive products logistics every day. We accompany you, study your project, propose wise advice, we ensure an optimal reactivity and a total reliability.

Experts in their field, our partners are regularly trained to the latest regulations and in particular to SEVESO 2 regulation.

SEVESO dangerous goods storage franceTranslocauto goods transport - France

Maprochim Normandie, a strategic position for your hazardous goods logistics.

Located near Rouen and motorways axis (A13) and major waterways axis (Seine), our hazardous goods storage site is made up of three warehouses containing several thousand pallets, each one dedicated to specific products' categories according to the degree of danger involved:

  • a dangerous materials storage in secondary containment area, SEVESO II ranked,
  • two warehouses reserved to other chemical products classifications.

Transport and logistics; Maprochim Normandie is going further.

Our company is part of the TLA Group, three societies dedicated to the transport and logistics fields which are successfully expanding regionally, nationally and internationally.

The TLA Group, a key player able to offer a fully integrated solution, rational at reasonable cost, concerning goods transport and hazardous goods storage and logistics services of any kind, customized service (orders picking, copaking, DLU or FIFO management…).

Maprochim Normandy, dangerous products and hazardous materials storage in Rouen-France. Translocauto Group, Eure-et-Loir transport, France and Europe, logistics, Maprochim is a society belonging to Translocauto group.

Maprochim is a company which belongs to the group translocauto