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Dangerous goods storage

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Maprochim Normandie helps you in your dangerous products global management.

Some industrial sectors are users of materials or products considered as “dangerous or sensitive”. Even if, these last years, we tried to reduce the use of those substances, the industry can’t do business without.

Maprochim Normandy listens and gives wise advices to enterprises that need to move, store products and handle hazardous products for human and his environment. Those dangerous materials are inventoried and classified in different categories, according to their potential risks and degree of danger.

Dedicated storage areas.

Firstly, it’s obligatory to precisely identify their classifications because some are mutually incompatible and can react with violence. Storage unsuitable to sensitive product characteristics, can lead to a modification or a deterioration of the product which will raise its hazardousness, at storage or for its further use.

Our site is composed of three warehouses that contain many thousands of pallets. Each one intended to specific products categories, according to their degree of danger:

  • a dangerous materials storage in secondary containment area SEVESO II ranked,
  • Two warehouses reserved to other chemical products classifications.

The choice of the hazardous products storage cell is made according to products groups and potential risks linked to their combinations:

  • Low risk products,
  • Phytosanitary/plant products,
  • Corrosive substances,
  • Chemical products,
  • Flammable liquids and solids.

From few grams or few millimiters, to entire pallet, we are able to respond to all requests in hazardous goods storage field.

dangerous goods storage list dangerous goods storage list (PDF)

dangerous goods storagedangerous goods storageSEVESO storage francedangerous goods storage Rouen France

An adapted equipment, experts’ collaborators, and traceability without failure.

Each customer notifies its expectations according to hazardous products he transferred to us:

  • Hazardous materials transport,
  • hazardous products storage,
  • orders picking,
  • copacking…

According to your expectations and hazardous goods regulations concerned, we define an adapted contract documents/specifications.

Then, our technicians follow scrupulously the correct procedure, in order to respect regulations, the customer expectations and in order to reduce at a maximum the risks. We have put in place a management of administrative documents, guaranteeing to all, a traceability without failure.

The entire site is equipped by a computerized system managementof material flows. Each dangerous product that came in is assigned to a warehouse and to a cell depending on its nature, its risk and its incompatibilities.

Security is omnipresent: our building under containment, are equipped by an automatic high expansion foam fire extinguishing system, controlled by an automatic fire detecting system and fire doors,  by a heavy  gas extraction system controlled by a heavy gas detection system and by mobile firefighting capacity.

Our handling operations are ensured by qualified and experienced collaborators with specific rolling equipment, suited for hazardous environments. This equipment complies with the ATEX regulation.

They receive regularly a training informing them of the standards and regulations evolution governing hazardous products storage.

Maprochim Normandy, dangerous products and hazardous materials storage in Rouen-France. Translocauto Group, Eure-et-Loir transport, France and Europe, logistics, Maprochim is a society belonging to Translocauto group.

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