Z.A. du Port Angot
Rue Irène et Frédéric Joliot Curie
76410 Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf
Tél. 02 35 78 40 91
Fax 02 35 78 30 54

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Maprochim - seveso 2 storage site in Francedangerous goods storage Rouen France

Maprochim Normandie, a preventive approach future-oriented: the environment respect.

Conscious of the responsibilities which fall to the company to own this kind of site, Maprochim Normandie is in a real progress dynamic, integrating particularly the prevention of explosion, fire and pollution risks.

We totally take responsibility for products we store for our customers, from their entrance on the site to their departure.

Our storage cells are conform with regulation that governs the different categories of hazardous products they contain. One of our storage buildings in secondary containment areais classified SEVESO 2.

Our site is particularly watched. Regularly underground water samples are made for soil analyses.

People aware of their responsibilities

The team present every day in Maprochim Normandie site, is continuously trained to each potential risk and to the evolution of standards in effect. Every partner knows the role he has to assume in the event of an intervention. We realize exercises in collaboration with the “technological risks” special cell of firefighters of the region of Rouen. We purely respect prevention technological risks plan introduced by State: annual simulation of an accident (fire, pollution)…

“Our desire to protect environment is not a new idea.”

For many years, Translocauto Group involves in the environment preservation:

  • Maintenance of our road trucks,
  • Personalized follow-up of every drivers in accordance with the “eco driving”,
  • Use of alternative fuel,
  • Optimization of delivery itineraries.

Our aim: Prevent explosion risks, fire and pollution and limit our trace on environment in order to transmit our future generations a rich area.


PPRT (Technological Risks Prevention Plan)

INRS (Security and Research National Institute)

Maprochim Normandy, dangerous products and hazardous materials storage in Rouen-France. Translocauto Group, Eure-et-Loir transport, France and Europe, logistics, Maprochim is a society belonging to Translocauto group.

Maprochim is a company which belongs to the group translocauto