Z.A. du Port Angot
Rue Irène et Frédéric Joliot Curie
76410 Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf
Tél. 02 35 78 40 91
Fax 02 35 78 30 54

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Maprochim - seveso 2 storage site in FranceSEVESO 2 storage france

Maprochim Normandie, expert in hazardous products logistics outsourcing.

Nowadays the majority of manufacturer fields integrate in their stock management, a decrease of dangerous materials storage. A lot of factors can explain this phenomenon and particularly a regulation tied to hazardous goods storage, more and more drastic and often disproportionate, requiring bringing infrastructures up to standards.

Maprochim Normandie is specialized in hazardous goods storage and logistics. This is a high risk activity that few logisticians wish to integrate to their services range.

Conscious of certain raw materials dangerousness potential for human and environment, our role is to accompany as best possible, those “sensitive products” users in the storage, the handling and transport.

The know-how, the knowledge of safety norms in effect, our partners’ expertise, associated to infrastructures and adapted tools, make Maprochim Normandie an indispensable/major French actor in dangerous goods logistics field.

Every day, our teams do their utmost so that those dangerous materials can be moved, handled and stored in optimal security conditions and without any contact with environment.

This area puts at your disposal press reports and articles published by us, which contain objective information about our society and activity.

Maprochim Normandie stores hazardous goods in ROUEN - France - Group Translocauto, Translocauto is a transportation company located in Eure et Loir 28 , for France and Europe ; conventional storage and hazardous goods storage seveso 2.

Maprochim is a company which belongs to the group translocauto