Z.A. du Port Angot
Rue Irène et Frédéric Joliot Curie
76410 Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf
Tél. 02 35 78 40 91
Fax 02 35 78 30 54

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A storage platform and hazardous products logistics services at the heart of Europe.

Maprochim Normandie intervenes for societies established in France and Europe, which have requirements in storage and logistics of hazardous products.

Here are some examples of applications:

Italian manufacturer of glue

Reflection and redaction of the protocol with the client

Supply chain > storage > reconditioning > order picking > delivery made all over France.

Metal processing/treatment

Reception of products on all kind of pallets >repalletizing on NIMP15 > containers loading with stowage and securing.

Basic chemical products

Reception > reconditioning > storage > delivery 

Car care products

Box and batch composition > deconditioning > labeling > order picking atuvc (consumer sales units) in pallet and package.

We also work with a lot of manufacturers who intervene in fields linked to chemistry:

  • Painting materials,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Automotive,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Metalworking industry,
  • Smelting plant.

Maprochim Normandy, dangerous products and hazardous materials storage in Rouen-France. Translocauto Group, Eure-et-Loir transport, France and Europe, logistics, Maprochim is a society belonging to Translocauto group.

Maprochim is a company which belongs to the group translocauto